The Principled Manager: Comprehensive

Projects and Programs in the development and humanitarian sectors

To complement the processes and tools provided within their pages, Project DPro and Program DPro include a set of five essential Principles for the management of projects and programs in development.

Here, we take a deeper look at the first of those Principles: Comprehensive. To find out more, consult pages 174-176 of the Project DPro Guide and pages 136-147 of the Program DPro Guide.


In essence, comprehensive project management involves applying equal rigor and attention to each phase of the project, ensuring that all project components (direct and indirect) are delivered and documented effectively.

For some, the Comprehensive Principle is the embodiment of the challenges facing a Project Manager: the necessity to tackle numerous disciplines, each with different skillsets, with the aim of achieving strength across multiple areas.

Stakeholder management, Risk management, and MEAL planning and implementation are just three of the distinct areas across which Project Managers apply their skills and competencies.  

Comprehensive and Competencies

Given the range of skills involved in managing comprehensively, we advise Project and Program Managers to develop their abilities on the basis of PM4NGOs’ competency framework, which contains competencies relating to the following areas:

  • Technical
  • Leadership and Interpersonal
  • Personal and Self-management
  • Development sector specific
  • Program Management

Across these categories, there are 36 competencies which together comprise the entire skillset of Project and Program Management in the development and humanitarian sectors.

Conclusion: Continuous Development

To become a truly Comprehensive Project or Program Manager requires a commitment to the continuous improvement of skills in a number of areas. Project Managers are therefore lifelong learners who constantly upgrade their knowledge and abilities.   

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