Why becoming a Practitioner?

What is a Practitioner?

Project DPro Practitioners are professionals who is actively engaged with project management in the development and humanitarian setor. That means they not only know the Project DPro guide but also applies its best practices on daily projects and activities.

The certification is a proven track record as a DPro Project Manager with experience and knowledge in development sector project management.

How are the certifications different?

The foundation certification is multiple choice exam, while the practitioner certification is an activity-based process. You will perform a series of activities (accessing courses, informal learning, sharing / giving back to the community of professionals).

Does it impact on my resume, my career, my work?

Absolutely! It is an opportunity for you to connect and engage with other professionals, learn from each other, and improve your work and career.

The Practitioner Certificate is an evidence that you know the Project DPro best practice and, most importantly, that you apply on your work and you are continuing improving your knowledge and skills.

Do I really need to study for one year to become a Practitioner?

Not at all. You can finish your actives on your pace. That means you can finish them all in a matter of days/weeks. However, if you prefer to perform the certification activities as you implement your daily tasks, you have up to one year to finish them all.