Project DPro Practitioner level – The basics: Mini-courses

This article is the first of three to examine the required CPD areas of the Project DPro Practitioner certification: Mini-courses.

As you will know by now, DPro+ provides site members with a total of 36 mini-courses relating to each one of the Project and Program Management competencies listed in the Project DPro and Program DPro Guides. These courses were designed to assist Project Managers in their professional development subsequent to attaining the Project DPro Foundation qualification.

The Project DPro Practitioner certificate requires candidates to take a total of six Mini-courses. You must pick at least one from the four Project DPro categories:

  • Technical
  • Leadership/interpersonal
  • Personal/self-management
  • Development sector specific

However, exactly which mini-courses you select within these categories is up to you, and you are also free to elect two mini-courses from whichever category you choose. This is a good opportunity for you to address either areas of particular interest for you or areas in which you feel you could use a little extra study.

DPro+’s mini-courses are free to take and each has an expected duration of around two hours. We at PM4NGOs encourage you to take the Practitioner certification according to your own workload and schedule. Nevertheless, the mini-courses could be completed over a number of weeks or within just a couple of days.

In the next article, we’ll take a look at the informal learning section of Project DPro Practitioner.

To find out more visit the Project DPro Practitoner menu.

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