Project DPro Practitioner level – The basics: Informal Learning

In this article, we will analyze the second category of the Project DPro Practitioner certification process: “Informal Learning”.

Informal Learning activities demonstrate that candidates have implemented knowledge from the Project DPro Foundation certificate in real life scenarios.

There are six Informal Learning activities to carry out for the purposes of Project DPro Practitioner certification. These are:

  • Attending a webinar hosted by PM4NGOs or other relevant organization (2)
  • Book Review
  • Project Management article review (2)
  • Free choice activity (work event, organizational course, mentoring)

Each of these activities complements or deepens your knowledge of project management in development and humanitarian projects, building on the base provided by the Project DPro Foundation exam.   

Although preference is given to sessions hosted by PM4NGOs or our partners, candidates are able to choose two webinars relevant to project management in the development or humanitarian sectors. This allows candidates to choose content which they find to be of particular interest to themselves.

The Book Review activity enables you to select a relevant text of interest and analyze its content. Similarly, the two Article Reviews allow you to do the same with smaller texts or documents.

Finally, there is a Free Election activity which could be a work event, an organizational course or a mentoring activity. Candidates are free to choose which of these activities they would prefer to perform.

In the final article in this series we’ll take a look at the Giving Back section of Project DPro Practitioner.

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