Project DPro Practitioner: Begin your journey today!

The Project DPro suite of certifications is changing!

We have changed PMD Pro Level 1 to Project DPro Foundation level and PMD Pro Level 2 to Project DPro Practitioner level.

This is far more than just a name change.

As previously, Project DPro Foundation level remains a multiple choice examination of your knowledge of the Project DPro Guide.

However, replacing the PMD Pro Level 2 exam is a new certification based around Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

To gain your Practitioner certification you will perform activities in the following three CPD areas:

  • Mini-courses related to Project DPro competencies
  • Informal learning
  • Giving Back

By completing your activity log for these three areas you will prove not only your in-depth knowledge of Project DPro but also your acquired experience in the field of Project Management.

To find out more, visit the Project DPro Practitioner menu bar.

By pursuing Project DPro Practitioner level accreditation you can boost your CV and enhance your job prospects.

Start down the road of becoming a Project DPro Practitioner today!

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