Practitioner Skills 2: Helping your peers

In the second article in this series, we take a look at the Project DPro Practitioner activity “Helping your peers”.  This a free election “Giving Back” activity and can be completed in a number of ways.

Perhaps the most obvious way in which we can help our peers is within the context of a formal mentoring relationship. Nevertheless, mentoring can work just as well on an informal basis. Mentoring could take place either face-to-face or online.

We suggest that before beginning to mentor someone you both agree upon the following parameters:

  • Establish the objectives of the mentoring activity
  • Set the timescale of the mentoring activity

This will help to avoid situation in which the mentoring process meanders indefinitely without an appropriate conclusion.

One suggested mentoring activity for Project DPro Practitioner candidates is to help colleagues or others in their quest to pass the Project DPro Foundation exam. Having experience of success during this process, Practitioner candidates are in the perfect position to guide and help their colleagues to achieve this aim. Guidance for passing the Project DPro Practitioner exam is also a good example of a helping or mentoring activity which need not require many hours to complete.

Just as planning is important to the mentoring process, so is bringing the activity to a conclusion. This need not be a formal review, rather an informal acknowledgement that the mentoring activity has come to a close and analysis of the benefits which it has brought to both parties.

In your quest to give back to other project management professionals, why not begin by visiting the DPro+ Mentoring Group?

In the next article, we will look at the Giving Back activity “Giving presentations”.

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