DPro+ Badges

Badges are validated indicators of accomplishment, skill, or interest that can be earned at the DPro+.

You can see the badges on the right side of members’ names. Move your mouse over a badge to read its description.

Below you will find a list of available badges and their description. Please note that these badges are only visible at the DPro+, not applicable for other communications channels or platforms.

Community Admin.
This badge identify PMD Pro+ administrators, who you can contact in case you need any assistance with the platform courses and features.

Members that have offer to mentor other project managers and platform newcomers.

This badge is assigned to PM4NGOs official trainer partners.

Pilot Contributor.
All PMD Pro+ members who have contributed in the pilot phase of its development have their support recognized through this badge.

Members who have helped the PMD Pro+ platform or PM4NGOs through volunteer activities, such as: translations, developing tools, or supporting PMD Pro+ team in platform activities.

PM4NGOs team or Board Member.
This badge identifies members who are either a PM4NGOs staff or a PM4NGOs Board Member.

Competency Assessment Done.
Members who have completed the competency assessment are identified by this badge. If you have completed your assessment and not received the badge, please contact the PMD Pro+ Manager and send him your competency assessment file.

This badge is granted to members who actively help disseminating the PMD Pro+ platform. We invite you to share an article or information specifically about PMD Pro+ outside the community – other communities, website, or platform. Please contact the PMD Pro+ Manager and send the link to your article or website.

Members who have written an article to the PMD Pro+ and/or PM4NGOs blog will be recognized through this badge.

Course / Competency.
For every competency course completed members receive a badge with the respective number. Blue badges are related to PMD Pro competencies while orange badges to Program DPro competencies. Check the available courses and let’s learn, together!

If you have completed a course and did not receive the badge, please contact the PMD Pro+ Manager.

Do you have an idea for a new community badge? Drop us a line at the main stream or send a message to one of the community administrators.