Project DPro Guide – PMD Pro 2nd Edition

PM4NGOs is delighted to announce the launch of the Project Management for Development Professionals Guide – Project DPro (PMD Pro 2nd Edition). The Project DPro Guide reflects years of learning, feedback from hundreds of development professionals, and a two-year development process. It also aligns with Program DPro Guide.

Over the past 10 years, PMD Pro has reached 30 thousand professionals, working at 1,250 organizations, in 167 countries. Looking back at the beginning, it has been incredibly rewarding to hear stories of the difference that improved project management practice has made to people’s lives: PMD Pro has made their lives easier – providing simple and adaptable tools and techniques that help them do more with less and in many cases, do it better.

We would like to thank all project managers and professionals who contributed to the Project DPro development, a special thanks to Amanda Fleetwood, who led the guide development, John Cropper and Peter Marlow, who led the certification exam update, and all members of the PM4NGOs Board and team. We are also indebted to many organizations whose documents and materials were referenced and adapted for use in the Project DPro Guide. Finally, we would like to thank our partner APMG International for their valuable support to the foundation and practitioner certification exams improvement and update.

As of today, the Project DPro Guide is available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. PM4NGOs will continuously work with partners to make the best practices guide and certification exams available in other languages.

A Quick Guide to the Project DPro is also available: useful for professionals who already are certified or managers who would like to access an overview before reading the full guide.

Changes in the guide

With a slight increase in the guide’s content size, from approximately 130 to 180 pages, it was possible to add new concepts and increase the level of detail of the previous version’s tools and topics – while maintaining the most important characteristics: simple, comprehensive, affordable, accessible, and contextualized to the development sector. Some of the main changes are:

  • A new 5-phase model: Identification and Definition, Setup, Planning, Implementation, and Closure.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation incorporates Learning and Accountability – MEAL, with a clear cross-cutting application.
  • Principles approach more detailed, aligned with the Program DPro Guide.
  • Stage management (the rolling wave planning) presented in detailed technique and process.

Please visit the PM4NGOs Video Collection to access videos and webinars’ recording that present the new edition changes. Videos are available in Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The certification exam

The Project DPro exams will continue to be accredited by our partner APMG International. There are a few changes in the certification scheme:

  • The foundation exam (level 1) has been updated to the second edition content, but its structure has not changed. The exam is multiple choice with 75 questions. The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct questions.
  • The practitioner exam (level 2) has changed to an activity-based process.
  • The DPro+ platform, a continuing professional development program hosted by PM4NGOs, is available for all certified professionals.
  • Exams (both levels) require approved invigilators for their validation.

The first edition exams will available until September 2020 to allow candidates and trainers to adapt their courses and materials to the new edition.

About PM4NGOs

PM4NGOs is an international non-profit organization that seeks for an equitable and sustainable world where social investment achieves the greatest impact. PM4NGOs promotes excellence in the management of social investment projects and programmes through the creation and development of best practice guidance for development professionals, certification schemes for those working in the sector who will be proud to hold an internationally recognized qualification and a forum for communication and discussion about international development sector best practice. The PM4NGOs mission is to promote and sustain the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector.

About APMG

APMG International is a global accreditation body specializing in professional certifications to help individuals and business deliver best practice solutions. Our portfolio includes a host of industry recognized certifications; Certified Public-Private Partnerships Professional, Forest Garden Training Certification, Praxis Framework™ and Change Management. During the past 25 years APMG International has worked with over 550 Accredited Training Organizations and Scheme Owners across the globe. Over 2 million candidates from 100+ countries have taken an APMG exam in 21 languages. Our examinations are rigorous, challenging and consistent so that candidates can be proud of their achievement.

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@peepso_user_452(Emanuele (Manny) Militello)
Well done on all your hard work. Looking forward to going through the guide (especially as I now have time due to the UK lockdown) and seeing all the changes. @peepso_user_1(Edson Marinho) I would be interested to know more about how the Project DPro Practitioner (Level 2) certification will be implemented and how it relates to PMDPro+?
@peepso_user_1(Edson Marinho)
Hi @peepso_user_452(Emanuele Militello). Great to hear from you. I hope you are safe and well. We are working on the Practitioner new process. It is not going to be a multiple question exam, but an activity-based process - applied through a continuing professional development program. PMD Pro+ is going to be the platform in which we will offer free mini-course as part of this program, and also where we will share all details of the Practitioner process. We expect to launch it in the coming couple of months. Please let me know if you would like to set up a chat to talk about it. Please just pick an empty spot and book a call at
Set up your Bookable Calendar that you can share via link. It will constantly auto-update based on your preference and availability, preventing conflicts and letting people book meetings with you.
@peepso_user_452(Emanuele (Manny) Militello)
@peepso_user_1(Edson) thank you! I have just booked a meeting to discuss more about this and looking forward to finding out more about the process 🙂
@peepso_user_30(Peter Pigram)
Hi Edson....I have already got PMD PRO 2....i added my badge during the previous PMD Pro+ site....but now it not there i see
1 year ago
@peepso_user_1(Edson Marinho)
Hi @peepso_user_30(Peter Pigram). I have just manually issued the badge to your profile. Have a great weekend!
@peepso_user_30(Peter Pigram)
@peepso_user_1(Edson Marinho) ...thank you sir
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