How to Maintain your Project DPro Practitioner Qualification

Once you have attaining your Project DPro Practitioner Certification, you have shown that you can analyze the contents of the Guides and successfully apply them to your work. Congratulations!

But this is only the beginning. We must all continue to learn from our experience, both successes and failures, learn from our colleagues, and then share and apply these skills to our work. If you don’t do this you will risk falling behind in a rapidly changing world.

The Project DPro Practitioner is a badge of professional excellence recognized by the International Development and Humanitarian Communities. So, it is of vital importance that your skills are maintained and improved. PM4NGOs is here to help you do just that. We provide tools and mini-courses to help you to grow. We ask that you record all your activities in a learning log which you will need to submit to us every three years to maintain your Practitioner qualification. There is a small fee payable for renewal.

Professional Development

Every year you should complete a Competency Assessment at From this you will create a Personal Development Plan showing the competencies you need to develop. There are mini courses available to help you do this. You should add this personal development plan to your learning log and share it with your mentor or line manager.

Informal learning

You should continue informal learning as you did when studying for your Practitioner qualification. There is no limit on activities but you should endeavor to do these at least one a year.

  1. Attending a webinar hosted by PM4NGOs or other relevant organization
  2. Attending a relevant work event/course
  3. Reading a relevant project or program management book or article

Giving back

Giving back has always been considered an important part of being a professional project manager. You should do the following type of activity at least one a year:

  1. Sharing a tool or process – have you developed or modified a project management process or tool to help you at work?
  2. Helping your peers. This could be helping someone to gain Foundation or Practitioner, or training your colleagues in some aspect of project or program management.
  3. Run a webinar about project or program management
  4. Act as a mentor to a colleague. There is a guide to mentoring on PMD Pro+ website.
  5. Give a presentation at work or to a local group (2 max)
  6. Take a leading part in a local network with your fellow professionals. This could be a PM4NGOs hub or an APM, PMI or IPMA group, or it could be an NGO coordinating group.
  7. Volunteer for PM4NGOs. See  for opportunities
  8. Submit an article or blog to DPro+ and/or to a networking platform (e.g. LinkedIn). For example, write a case study of a project you recently completed.
  9. Any other relevant activity.

Submitting your Application

Every year, we will remind you to assess your competencies and share opportunities to give back by sharing your knowledge with new practitioners. We will also let send you an alert when your Practitioner qualification is due to expire.

You should submit your learning log no more than 3 months before the expiry period. PM4NGOs will assess your learning log. If it does not come up to standard you will be given one opportunity to correct.

Important note:

The first cycle for renewing the Practitioner Certificate is expected at the end of 2023. However, no later than December 2021, the already certified professionals will receive more information about the process, including the learning log and invitation to giving back opportunities.