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About DPro+

You have studied the Project DPro (PMD Pro) Guide, passed the Foundation exam, and have your certificate. What next?

In today’s competitive environment, successful Project and Program Managers need to continually evolve by building on their qualifications. DPro+ is here to help you do just that.

We provide our members with ongoing training and opportunities for continuous development. Visit the ‘Courses’ section to see the free training available to help members hone their skills. Each course relates to one of PM4NGOs’ 35 competencies for Project and Program Management.

DPro+ is also the site where certified Project DPro and Program DPro professionals can meet to connect with each other and learn about job and mentoring opportunities. There are forums with postings from people in the humanitarian and development sectors, and links to regular PM4NGOs webinars and activities.

As a first step, visit the ‘Resources’ section to complete the PM4NGOs competencies assessment. The results will indicate which of the free courses will most benefit your advancement in the Project and Program Management professions. Then visit the forums sections to catch up on our members’ discussions.

Make a point of visiting DPro+ on a regular basis to keep up with your fellow professionals!

For all the information you will need, please consult this guidance, send a message to one of the community admins, or drop us a line at

Community Menu

In the top left hand corner of the website you will see a menu which first option is Community. Under this option you will have access to:

Community Activity: this is the main page and stream of our community, where all users can share posts and start general discussions. You can also access this are by simply clicking on the PM4NGOs logo at the top left hand corner of the website.

Members: you can access a full list of our community website. Click on their names to visit their profiles, see their details, and start private discussions.

Groups: you fill find groups to engage in specific discussions or read/write posts related to mentoring, job opportunities, and other topics. Some groups are open to all members, while a few groups are dedicated to organizations or training partners and participation is restricted to invited only users.

My Profile: by clicking either on this option or on your name in the left tab (below the main menu) you will reveal the following Profile options:

Stream: this is your personal stream. Only you can post on your personal stream and you can select who will be able to read what you post: site members, your friends, public, or only yourself. The last option is feature that allows you to make notes and record information that might helpful for you in the future.

About: edit all information about you, change your picture and the cover image, and select who can see each of your details. In this section you can also set up your preferences, your email notifications, and request to download your personal information.

Friends: a list of your friends profiles.

Groups: a list of all groups you are member.

Courses: a list of all courses you are enrolled.

Videos: a list of all videos you shared at the main community page or groups. Note that only community admins and training partners are allowed to share videos.


The second top menu option takes you to the platform area of continuing professional development.

Introduction to the mini-courses and how to chose them (and how create a personal development plan).

Competencies: A list of the Project DPro and Program DPro Competencies.

Competencies Assessment: This tool will help you to assess your competencies and compare with your organization / project needs. It is useful to select which skills you can concentrate more efforts to develop and which mini-courses to take.

Courses and Activities: a list of mini courses and activities available to develop your skills. Selected mini courses will grant you a community badge, as you can see in the right side of some DPro+ members. Each week our team will publish new courses and activities.

My Courses: list of courses that you are enrolled.

My Notes: access the notes you have taken during your courses


The last option in the top menu is dedicated to share tools, templates, articles, events, and courses offered by PM4NGOs training partners.

Downloads: you will find several tools, templates, diagrams, and the Project DPro and Program DPro guides. Every month new items will be added to the downloads section.

Agenda: our agenda presents not only PM4NGOs’ events but also training partners courses, webinars, and other activities.

Blog: selected articles will be published in the DPro+ blog. You can also submit your article to share with our community.

Competencies Assessment: This tool will help you to assess your competencies and compare with your organization / project needs. It is useful to select which skills you can concentrate more efforts to develop and which mini-courses to take.

Approved Content

PM4NGOs operates a policy of tolerance, inclusiveness, and interculturality. In order to make sure you respect others at all times, please review the Community Terms and Conditions.


Explore the DPro+ platform, connect with other members, and share your knowledge, thoughts, questions, and needs. Enroll in mini-courses, read and comment articles, download materials and send us suggestions on how to improve our platform features and content.

Please remember to read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement.

Let’s keep learning . . . together!