Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers for the most frequently asked questions about the Project DPro Practitioner examination.

The former PMD Pro Level 2 was an exam based certification while the current Project DPro Practitioner is an activity based process.

Existing PMD Pro Level 2 certificate holders need to purchase and register for the new Practitioner Certification.

If you receive a feedback informing that you did not attend the minimum requirements (activities) to become a certified Practitioner, you are entitled to re-submit your Activities Log one more time. You will have up to 3 months to re-submit your Activities Log.

Uploading blank documents will lead to disqualification. Your invigilator will contact you to request another Activity Log in case your file is empty, but you can only replace the submitted file one time.

The contents of your Activity Log are private. For that reason, when you fill out and sign the  Practitioners Code of Conduct you will have the option to share or not your comments and submitted documents.

If you consent to share your Activity Log comments and the tools/documents that you produced, they will be used anonymously by PM4NGOs to help other candidates and practitioners. No name, organization or contact information will be included unless requested by you.

During the invigilation process, you will be requested to sign a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreement, which also gives you the opportunity to allow or sharing your content or to indicate that you do not want your content to be shared.

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